My favorite soup.

2013-03-07 12.45.49

Sometimes, I just don’t have an appetite.  I love food, I’ll go to the ends of the earth for a quality cup of coffee or really good dumplings,  but sometimes, everything just makes me shrug.  when that happens, I know there is one answer.

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Thai vegetarian duck salad

Pukk, one of my favorite restaurants for vegetarian Thai food in New York serves a divine “duck” salad.  It has this potent spicy, sour, and sweet dressing offset with chewy cashews, crispy mock duck, and fresh bursts of pineapple.  I am obsessed. Because it is on the other side of town from me, and even though it is potentially the best $5 you can spend in the city, I had to forage and figure how to make it for myself- so I can eat it, basically every day if necessary.

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Pineapple curry fried rice

No one does summery sweet and savory better than the Hawaiians.  They have a bit of experience when it comes to golden sun and leisure.  This makes a perfect dinner to serve al fresco with some prosecco and a syrupy sunset. It uses up left over rice, simply dressed up with fresh pineapple, ginger, and garlic.  Also, you get to roll up your sleeves and butcher a pineapple.

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Bánh Mì with lemongrass tofu


I’ve been to Vietnam, but I didn’t have a Bánh Mì there.  I did have really good Vietnamese coffee, fresh coconut juice sipped out of a plastic baggie, and sticky rice with fried onions from a brimming pot on a street corner.  Hanoi didn’t particularly cater to vegetarians and I’m not really a sandwich kind of gal.  Even after moving to San Francisco, where Bánh Mì’s are all the craze, where people line up around the block during lunch hour, I wasn’t intrigued, not even a little.

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