pistachio + citrus salad

January is coming to a close and February is around the corner. This salad is just the sprig of freshness that the season needs—peppery arugula, lemony vinaigrette, brightened by juicy winter grapefruit and tangerine, warmed with the nuttiness of a handful of toasted pistachios, a few wedges of goat cheese, and a drizzle of honey.  Perfection. [Read more...]


Orange ginger baked tofu

Orange sesame flavored Chinese take out is comforting to me. Maybe because I associate it with the self-indulgence of a night of short stories or a movie on the couch– 0r the sole source of comfort in other situations. Such as moving.  Every time I move, I am sitting there on my floor with Chinese take out boxes. Exhausted, without furniture, but there’s yummy sweet and slightly tangy, garlicky tofu- with sesame seeds! and all is ok.

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